VI - Corporate Documentation System

Project Overview

VI is a responsive web solution designed for the staff members of Davivienda to manage, consult, create and modify corporate documents of the bank and it’s subsidiaries in 6 different countries.


UX / UI designer (Research, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping)


Figma, InVision, Jamboard, Diagrams


Develop a solution that will help manage every corporative document the bank and it's subsidiaries own, (processes, methodologies, government and organizational structure).

Apart from these general features, they also want to use the full potential that a responsive web solution has, such as a search engine that allows to find quickly documents and people, sending notifications to users to keep them engaged, tracking the progress on the creation, curation and publishing of documents, analytics, etc.

Design process

01. Research

Working close with the client, product owner and our project manager, we did a research to understand the different kind of users involved in the process of creating documents, differences between countries, abilities, limitations and goals.

02. Define

We identified 6 different type of users. All of them use the application in different ways.

Depending on the role they play inside the system, we defined their flows.

User Flows

3. Wireframes

Mid fidelity
High fidelity
Style guide

For the design system, I developed a colour palette aligned with the brand identity defined by the marketing department. Also I defined a type scale with the web fonts and developed components with following these rules to provide consistency to the interfaces.


Starting from the Leitmotiv, this brand is built differently, showing versatility and innovation, with a 3d set of organic shapes.
The logo clearly shows the letters "vi" which makes reading easier.

Brand values: Innovation, business and teamwork


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